Content marketing has proven to be a rewarding tool in internet marketing. It generates three times the leads compared to generic marketing methods and has benefits beyond digital marketing. Customer engagement in today’s world is prime to business success, and content marketing is one reliable way of attaining it. It helps provide valuable information to website visitors and consolidates the idea that your firm is an authority in the legal market.

Creating valuable content is not an easy task, but this article highlights important tips for creating content that wins.

Client and Keyword Research

There are several ways to go about discovering appropriate content. Before exploring more technical options, do a quick run-through of your client base and the information they usually find most necessary. Preempting their questions and providing answers creates a valuable resource, whether in a blog or social media post. Another way to do this is by researching keywords. Keyword research gives insight into the most common queries that your prospective clients type into Google. When you discover and analyze these, you get core knowledge of what your client base finds the most helpful. Here are some helpful tips for keyword research

  • Use SEO tools to determine the volume of people searching a specific keyword. Choosing a keyword with a higher volume will get your website more traffic, but the opposite will help you rank higher.
  • Keyword research is sometimes an open-ended tool. Buzzwords around a topic may be popular but not relevant to your target audience. For example, if you want to attract local clients, ‘criminal attorney near me’ holds more relevance than ‘statutes of limitations.’ Your choice of topic should directly target people in your audience persona instead of just about anyone.

Exploring content buckets

The ideal content to publish should be unique, high quality, and specific to your practice area. This is how you ensure your content is valuable and authoritative. In creating content buckets, it is helpful to consider the relevant topics that your client might need insight on. For example, as a divorce attorney, clients will want to know things about dating during divorce, property splitting, and child custody. Creating content around these provides your client with the valuable answers they need and gives the idea that you are a thought leader in the industry. Consider topics that answer how to, what to do, and when to do questions. Researching these topics using keyword tools like or Google Keyword Planner will ensure that you always have a content idea to work on.

Content materials do not have to be limited to blog posts and articles. Social media posts, infographics, case studies, podcasts, and outbound links can also be helpful to your client.

Remember that for content to be valuable, it has to not only appeal to your clients but be able to attract clients, specifically, the type of clients you want.

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