Law firms are usually averse to using social media marketing, and this is because of the sensitivity of the information that comes with the job. While it is only reasonable that attorneys do not share the details or updates on their cases on social media, it does not eliminate the role that it plays in marketing. Social media is an excellent tool for building a community, establishing a brand presence, and connecting with potential clients. The online presence that comes with using social media is also fabulous for keeping clients in the loop with industry information.

Social media has great rewards for law firm marketing. Please continue reading to see how beneficial it can be.

Why Law Firms Need A Social Media Strategy

Over 70% of lawyers already maintain a social media presence for professional purposes, and you do not want to be left out. It is so prevalent that the American Bar Association has a working code of conduct to ensure social media does not come in the way of professional practice. Leveraging social media is no longer a matter of choice but a necessity. It is crucial to cultivating and maintaining a brand relationship with prospective and existing clients, but law firms can also use it to network with other attorneys and firms.

If you are unsure how to elevate your law firm’s social media strategy to achieve the best possible results for marketing, consider the following.

Valuable content is key

Your presence on social media is primarily for awareness, and a great way to keep your target audience in the loop is by providing helpful content on your social media. Your prospective clients mostly need answers and clarifications in your practice area, so a winning strategy will be to create informational content. For example, you can make an infographic for topics like “what to do if you get arrested for a felony” or a video discussing dynamics of divorce. When your audience sees this, it builds trust that you can handle their cases as an expert in your field. Keep in mind that your content does not have to be monotonous; you can create a mix of engaging and educational content.

Social listening

Social listening is not just helpful in keeping abreast of current industry happenings. You can also evaluate the standing of your law firm by monitoring what your audience has to say about you. Every mention you get is an opportunity to interact and inform your audience. If you are barely getting mentions, it might be time to restrategize. A cool trick is to keep an eye on the competition. If they have a working strategy, you can use it as a head start to know what you need to improve on your end.

Maximize your reach 

An excellent way to widen your audience reach is by sharing your blog posts on social media. You can simplify the helpful information on articles into slides, posts, and stories, with backlinks to your websites. This improves your website’s optimization. Be sure also to leverage hashtags and important keywords, as they help you reach a broader audience base.

Social media holds a lot of possibilities for law firms, but it is just as essential to ensure that activities do not come against ethical rules of compliance. There are potential risks with mingling too much with other attorneys (especially if they may be on the opposing side of a case) and posting sensitive or private information.

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