You put in countless hours, money, blood, sweat, and tears into designing a unique law firm website, but after launching it, you notice it isn’t giving you as many leads as you projected it would. “Why?” you may ask. It happens for a vast number of reasons, and today you’re going to learn a few of those reasons.

You Don’t Know Your Ideal Clients.

Potential customers want to deal with an attorney who can outperform everyone else in their professional area. They want to choose an attorney who can fulfil their specific demands, in other words, a lawyer who knows how to help them.

You Didn’t Highlight Your Business Proposition.

We’ve all heard, “So, what do you do?” Don’t respond with your job title, such as tax lawyer or real estate attorney. Labels are monotonous and overused, and they cause people to stop listening to you. With labels, they assume they know all there is to know about you.

Instead, answer with your business proposition — what your firm provides that’s different from others. You want them to think, “That’s precisely what I’m looking for!”

Instead of stating, “I’m a divorce attorney,” you might add, “I help people going through a divorce obtain the best possible result for themselves and their children via mediation and collaborative legal services.”

You Didn’t Highlight What Services You Offer.

Before you can speak persuasively about your company, you must be clear on the specifics of what you provide. This covers what legal services individuals may hire you for, how those offers are organised, and how leads can learn from you if they aren’t ready to employ an attorney yet.

You Don’t Spotlight What Makes You Different.

A potential client is likely to know other lawyers who perform the same job you do, and they are weighing their alternatives. You should understand why they should pick you and how you differ – the difference is what gives you value.

When you aren’t distinguishable from your rivals, it’s tough for potential clients to decide who they should choose. They don’t want to work to figure things out! They want it to be simple, and the simplest way to distinguish two items is by price.

You Didn’t Show Potential Clients How To Get Started.

When chatting with a potential customer about hiring you, you must remember to make the call to action or give an invitation for them to take the next step – and to do so, you must know what the next step is. Do they need to arrange for a consultation? Fill out a questionnaire on your website? Call you? Nudge them in the right direction.

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