These days, people favor valuable marketing tactics over generic methods. This is why the digital marketing strategy for your law firm has to include content marketing.

Content marketing for law firms is simple. It involves strategies consisting of media materials such as blog posts, social media campaigns, articles, etc., that help attract clients to your firm. The winning factor in content marketing for law firms is that the information you provide is not only valuable to prospective clients but it also consolidates you as a trusted and credible resource.

Another reason to start mapping out a content marketing strategy for your law firm is that it generates more leads than other forms of marketing. Depending on the area of law practiced, the usual tools for advertising, print, billboards, TV, or radio, all have limited reach. Research shows that content marketing has thrice the ROI compared to these other tools. The right content marketing strategy can get you on the top of Google search results, and while paid ads can do this, your content will give you free, organic traction.

Kickstarting your Content Marketing Efforts

Having established that content is key to your overall digital marketing success, you may be wondering how to begin. Activities such as writing a blog or sharing helpful information in a post are part of content marketing, but you need more than these. A high-level content marketing strategy will help you map out the most appropriate methods, channels, tactics, and content buckets for the long term. This way, you can be sure that your actions are practical and can review for improvement. The following elements are a guide to creating content marketing plans that work:

Define your target audience

Trying to do content marketing without a clear definition of your target is like shooting blanks. You need to identify your client base, who they are, what they need, and how your services affect them. As lawyers have a broad audience base, it may be hard to do this, so you need to create audience personas. Audience personas are a roundup of what your typical client is like. This includes demographics, pain points, goals, and such. This way, your marketing efforts are directly curated by a typical person and are more effective. You may need to do this by trial and error, but a quick tip is to look at your current client base. Your target audience is most likely the same. Google and Facebook analytics can also help with this

Digital Presence

Clients are more interested in giving your firm a second look when you have a good digital presence. Like with any digital marketing effort, your website is core to content marketing. For the most part, it hosts the majority of your content and is a tool for conversion because it provides your website visitors an insight into your value as a firm. A quality and optimized website is, therefore, a prerequisite to content marketing success. Your website should leave a good impression on the user experience. Its design must be simple such that necessary details are not clustered, and navigation is seamless. Call-to-actions and a quality landing page are also vital to conversions.

Content Style and Types

The type of content you need to publish depends on your target audience and what they connect the most to. For attorney audiences, the most effective content types are the kinds that address a client’s needs, worries, or curiosity. No matter what these topics might be, winning at content marketing requires knowledge of SEO and keyword targeting to be effective. Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is a strategy to create content in a way that search engine algorithms favor. Using SEO, you can enhance how quickly people see your content. Keyword targeting helps you stylize your content to what your target audience is most curious about. A combination of helpful, valuable content and a working SEO strategy is what you need the most for effective content marketing.

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