Law firms are always looking for more ways to bring more phone calls, contact form submissions and develop a stable stream of traffic to the websites, so here are 5 ways for law firms to do that.

1.Optimize your website – Ask yourself what you are trying to accomplish. Get phone calls? Have your phone number visible throughout the site as customers scroll. Fill out a form for consultation? Have those readily available too. I recommend a mixture of both as mobile traffic tends to call and not fill out forms, and desktop/tablet users do both.

2. Mobile Friendly – More and more traffic is now mobile and very few are able to survive with just desktop traffic. These customers want to see that you are reputable firm, offer what they are looking for and will click to call fast. These customers also live in the “now” world so get back to them fast or have a way to take calls constantly.

3. Show your expertise – Sell yourself. Get those beautiful badges that you get from Avvo, Lawyersdotcom, Associations, Chambers etc. Even if they don’t know why you have gotten them, it could give you a headstart on the competition.

4. Give Value – Most offer free consultations, but I’m talking about more than just that. Videos are a great way for the customer to hear and see you. Sounds corny, but you are showing your personality and customers eat it up.

5. FAQ’s – To help offset constant calls and form submissions on the same question, jot them down and answer them for customers on the website. First they do not have to waste time by calling you but they progress that much further down the line to be a customer of your.

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