In this ruthlessly competitive law environment, earning the business is usually determined by how well you promote yourself. And having a polished, professional-looking website is one of the most potent ways an attorney can advertise themselves.

The ease with which a reader can find info on your website will determine whether or not a customer calls your legal practice. Can potential clients tell what kind of law you practice? Is the information on your website factual and easy to read? Is your call to action enticing customers to contact or look for information? These are all vital features that your law firm’s website should have to attract new business.

Legal Expertise Pages

Not all attorneys are the same. Different legal offices or attorneys specialize in other areas of the law. People do not want to speak with a real-estate lawyer if they are divorcing. Clearly defining the sort of law your office practises can help both Google and prospective clients understand what you’re about.

Include material – both photos and text – on these practise area pages. Users (and search engines) appreciate high-quality content that adds value to readers’ lives. This allows you to demonstrate your legal experience and helps you rank better in search engines.

Client Reviews

It might be tough to pick a lawyer. And, chances are, individuals searching Google for a lawyer don’t know who to engage one, hence being seen at the top of the SERPs is critical. Being number one on Google can bring new clients to your website, but it is up to you as the attorney to seal the deal.

Client testimonials are one of the most important factors that consumers consider when hiring legal counsel. The more testimonials or reviews you have for your firm, the more legitimate it will look. Positive testimonials on several platforms demonstrate that your law firm is accepting new customers and committed to providing quality legal services.

Clear CTA’s (Calls To Action)

Once your content and professionalism have persuaded your clients, it’s time to convince them to phone or fill out a contact form. A compelling call to action will convince clients to contact you about their issues. A phone number in the upper right corner, or the phrase “Book a Consultation” with a link to the contact form, are both excellent calls to action.

Calls to action should be prominent on each page, letting readers know what you want them to do. You can also include a CTA with the contact details at the bottom of each content page. The easier it is for prospects to contact you, the more likely it is that they will, and the more likely you will earn their patronage.

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