Crime rates are continually on the increase, and this means that there is a vast amount of people in need of criminal defense representation. However, criminal defense attorneys still have problems increasing their caseload. For such attorneys, a local marketing strategy can make all the difference.

The challenges that criminal defense attorneys face regarding getting clients are significant. Criminal law clients often resort to public defenders due to cost and circumstance constraints. While they are helpful, they usually do not have the time or resources to help the individual as much as they deserve. The market is also pretty saturated with high-flying attorneys with flashy ads and headlining cases. The pipeline for referrals is also low as people would rarely admit to their loved ones that they have committed a crime. These contribute to the difficulty criminal defense attorneys face in getting new clients.

To address these issues, this article highlights working actions that every criminal defense attorney can employ in winning over their local market.

Create a Strategy

The first step to any successful marketing plan is to strategize. Deeply consider your current client base, your target clients, and the services you offer. If you handle juvenile DUI issues, you should probably target parents in the area or college students. Whatever findings you make should inform your choice of approach and methods. Consider the demographics you have represented over the past few years, including their age, gender, income level, and housing situation. This information is what guides your personal branding and unique value proposition. With this in mind, you can expect your marketing efforts to hit the nail on the head and give you the results you desire.

Explore Local SEO

Local SEO is a high-level tool for attracting people in your locality to your practice. Over 85% of users who search their mobile devices for a local business are known to call or visit the company within 24 hours. More than 45% percent of all Google searches are related to local content, and people will most likely choose to patronize a business whose website shows on the first page of Google search results. These statistics show how important it is for you to invest in local SEO.

Get an Optimized Practice Website

Local and general SEO strategies are fantastic, but you will not get the best possible results without a well-optimized and functional website. Your law practice website must be responsive, updated, and very accessible.

It should contain comprehensive details about the attorney in your firm and what they practice.

Ensure that your website effectively conveys your practice’s unique value proposition. With this, search engines can find your website quickly and suggest it to users, and website visitors will be persuaded that you are the best criminal defense attorney for them. If you need to audit your criminal defense website or upgrade it, contact legal marketing experts here.

In addition to this, here are some crucial recommendations to follow:

  • Set up Google My Business, it is free, and your criminal defense law firm should have it.
  • Use Google Local Services Ads as this would show people searching about criminal defense or looking for lawyers that Google certifies you as a qualified attorney in the area.
  • Provide lead-generating content that will be helpful to the average client requesting your niche service. For example, topics like “what to do after getting arrested?”, “Should I cooperate with the prosecution?” are often asked by searchers. Answering these frequently asked questions draws in traffic to your website and creates a level of credibility in the mind of a potential lead.
  • List your business in legal and local directories. This helps SEO, allows people to find information on your services, and increases your online visibility.

If you want better brand visibility and an increased client base, get in touch with Windy City Law Designs. We help attorneys with innovative marketing solutions and are available to consult with you today.