Amidst the excitement and thrill of starting your law firm, the most burning question you would have is, “how do I get clients?” Your caseload impacts how efficient and profitable your operations are, and knowing how to get your target client’s attention will make this even easier. This post highlights the important actions to take in growing your practice; find them below:

Offer your Clients a Limited Discount

People can rarely refuse a reasonable offer, which is why it is the perfect way to draw in clients. You can offer to run free consultations, no down payments, or give discounted fees on tasks like estate planning. This gives your brand better exposure and allows people to get value from you. It will enable you to convince your first clients that you are worth their time, and you can expect referrals to come from this. Making the offer available is one thing, and promoting it is another. Neither you nor your client base will profit from a discount if it is not popularized via the Internet or more conventional means.

Request Referrals

Even for experienced attorneys, referrals are one of the most significant ways to source for clients. Recommendations are great as it mostly means the person referring you has vetted the client. The possibility of them becoming solid leads is increased, establishing trust between you and the client. If you are a new law firm with barely any clients, you may not be able to take advantage of client referrals, but you can enlist the help of loved ones. This would especially be helpful if you have ever offered a service to them. If you are yet to, request to do, say, an estate planning review for a family member or friend. This way, they can refer you based on a solid experience. You may also get referrals from more prominent practices or attorneys at a fee.

Establish Your Online Presence

People use the Internet for everything these days, including searching for an attorney. This is why you should leverage it to promote your law practice; every successful law firm does it. You must create a website, get cited on local directories, including Google My Business, and maybe explore social media. Getting the best results from this depends on your expertise in digital marketing. If this sounds like something you need help with, contact experienced legal marketing experts here.

Draw Leads by Sharing Value

Client-attorney relationships are peculiar in that for a prospective lead to convert and use your service; they have to trust you. The best way to win over a new client is by offering value that helps them. You can tie this to an opt-in such as sharing their email or subscribing to your mailing list. Nobody can resist information-rich resources that may be helpful, so create a resource that people cannot resist. For example, you could make a guide to navigating divorces available on your website that is accessible by lead-generating action.

Run Paid Ads

In addition to traditional advertising methods, digital marketing ads benefit law firms. It is specific and assures you get a rolling set of new leads. For example, if you are a divorce attorney in Illinois, the goal is to ensure that your website and practice show up in the first set of results when people Google “divorce attorneys in Illinois. Paid advertisement effectively gets new clients but is pretty saturated in the legal industry. If you want the best results and ROI on your advertising budget, outsource to a legal marketing expert.

As a new law practice, you need all the help you can get in marketing your services and attracting new clients. If you need help setting up your practice website or innovative solutions to growing your practice, contact us for a consultation.

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