The ability for a law firm to market itself is one of the toughest things for most to do. We hear from our clients that they just have the time, ability or patience to get any kind of online marketing going for a consistent time. Minus abilities as an attorney, this may be the difference between being financially successful or not. Here are some tips to help identify some things to do when you start marketing.

1. Don’t just advertise as an attorney in a certain area. Some law firms offer many different specialties, but you need to dive deeper than just the all in one law firm. What I mean by that, is start doing one practice area like business or family law.

2. Dive even deeper once you have picked that practice area. We will continue with family law. You can market divorce, child custody, child support or even adoption.

3. Customers look for a specific type of attorney as they search so being found for blank city divorce attorney or blank city family law lawyer, will allow you to target your audience much better and allow you to see if it is working too.

4. Now the one thing that you do have to concern yourself if you were to go this route is your website. Your law firms website needs to talk about these specialties or you will lose these customers as fast as they landed there.

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