Only approximately 4 out of every 10 visitors arrive via a legal firm’s website home page. Instead, most visitors arrive at a legal firm’s website via a personal bio page for an individual lawyer. Some arrive by looking for a specific lawyer’s name, while others arrive by searching for a term such as “Boston tax attorney” and ending up on the bio page for a particular attorney.

These website user statistics should persuade today’s law firm management that developing an excellent online bio page for each attorney in a firm may have an immediate and beneficial influence on both that attorney’s book of business and the company’s bottom line. A personal bio allows interested parties to know the attorney and check their legal abilities before picking up the phone to call the business. Here are some pointers on how to write a successful, personable attorney bio to make more successful marketing.

Know Your Audience

Attorneys must understand their legal services’ buying audience, which includes current and previous clients, potential clients, and referral sources. While other audiences such as the media, prosecutor, potential new employees, and your corporate audience are essential, the retention and recruitment audience should be your primary emphasis. Know your audience and address their desires and needs in your bio.

Follow The 6 Second Rule

You have six seconds to make an excellent first impression. Use it carefully to distinguish yourself; be concise and particular, one-of-a-kind, and unforgettable. Online viewers like brief phrases and paragraphs. Consider bullet points. Your bio isn’t a novel. Give a customer just enough information to say, “This individual has the abilities I need.”

Highlight Your Sector Or Professional Field

Ensure your industries or practise areas are apparent and recognisable to the visitor who scans the website without reading it thoroughly. For example, the location of your law school is less important to prospects than the recent cases you have effectively handled. To illustrate your achievement, emphasise case studies and triumphs for clients.

Repurpose Material

Several sources are providing great information for your bio. Reuse authorised client testimonials, monitor your Chambers rank and get feedback from other attorneys with whom you collaborate. Others’ positive comments about your function as de facto assessments and testimonies to your legal prowess.

Show Client Service And Value

Remember the phrase, “What’s in it for me?” Answer some of these questions: What sets you apart from other lawyers? What are the advantages of collaborating with you? What steps do you take to make your clients’ lives easier? What are your qualifications? Why should they hire you? Make sure you are offering something different from the rest of the competition and that potential clients have a reason to hire you over someone else.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Instead of merely claiming that you are a leader in your sector, demonstrate it. Give concrete instances of how you are the top lawyer in your industry. Demonstrate your expertise while allowing your achievements to speak for themselves. Include client names where appropriate and with the client’s consent.

Avoid Legal Jargon

Make use of terminology that your prospects will comprehend. Legal language has its place, but it isn’t usually in your bio. Read your bio aloud. Edit it if it sounds like something you’d never say.

Be Approachable

This is a people business. Including a bit of personality (while staying professional) in your profile demonstrates that you are human. It’s OK to let your individuality shine through. Here are some questions to consider that may be of assistance: What inspired you to become a lawyer? What kinds of cases do you care about the most? What are the challenges that keep your clients awake at night? What are your most vital legal strengths? Why do your clienteles choose to work with you?

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